Electric Taste: A Guide To Choosing The Best E-Cigg Brand

QQ图片20140802131934With an abundance of brands to choose from, it can be difficult for one to decide on which electronic cigarette aka vaporizer is suitable for them. Just like cigarettes, essentially everyone has their own preference and taste. From the classic Reds, to the smooth and silky Lights and Menthol, and even fruit flavoured cigarettes, electronic cigarettes caters for the needs of all smokers out there.

2 Choices: Disposable vs Refillable

Cost Efficient – A No Brainer

In the long run, this is an obvious choice. Refillable electronic cigarettes are more costs effective than purchasing disposable electronic cigarettes. Over the long run, you would save much more money if you have purchased refillable instead of disposable electronic cigarettes, and surprisingly save more than if you were still smoking normal cigarettes.

Look For Starter Kits If You’re New

For starters, there is often a starter kit sold by manufacturers to get you going right away. This often includes the electronic cigarette, couple of batteries used to power the electronic cigarette, several cartridges coming in flavours of your choice, as well as charges and adapters to power your electronic cigarette and ensure it is always ready to go.

Separating The Good Brands From The Bad

For smokers who have enjoyed a thick and rusty flavour, similar to the popular Marlboro Reds, V2 cigs are a good choice. V2 Cigs have over 10 different liquid flavours which you can choose from, and it is recommended if you are starting off with your first electronic cigarette to get the V2 Cigs Standard E-Cig Starter Kit with 2 batteries. All other essential items you need to start vapouring away are available with the Starter Kit as well.

For Those With A Cooler Taste

Of course, not everyone enjoys the thick flavour associated with Marlboro Reds, hence, a more cooling option would be to purchase menthol or light flavours. In particular, one which deserves special mention is the South Beach Smoke Menthol. This brand has been the favourite by all menthol lovers out there as it gives a nice cooling effect to the throat when consumed.

Popular brands

If you’re interested in shopping around for more brands, or other electronic cigarette manufacturers, here are the more popular vapour brands in the market today.

  • - Vapor Zone
  • - Halo Cigs
  • - Green Smoke
  • - Bull Smoke

You can’t really go wrong purchasing from one of the above brands, and there is an abundance of flavours for you to mix-and-match to be able to suit your taste. Take note there are that there are many coupon codes available online that will give you a discount when you make your purchase, and enjoy vapouring away!

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eGo Twist Review

ego twist batteryIf you are a smoker, good stuff has come your way; advanced e cigarette and its battery. Ego twist is arguably the best vaping battery on the market today. It’s easy to use, pocket friendly and variable voltage explains it all. The Ego-C Twist is recommended for both veteran smokers and newbies.
Why ego twist?
Why ego twist of all e cigarettes? You may ask. There are many reasons……..

  • Cost: This battery is extremely affordable. At less than $20 you can get this device with some places selling at way less than $15.
  • Variable voltage: It is easy to control the strength of your vaping by adjusting the voltage. With this feature, you can find the very spot where vaping is sweetest and stick to it.
  • Weight: This battery is light in weight which makes it portable. You can carry it anywhere, simply slide into the pocket.
  • Battery life: Durability is the word. Talk of long life. Such a small battery with about 650mah lasts about 6 hours. The largest may contain 1300mah lasting up to 13 hours.
  • Selection: This device will work well if you are stylish. This device comes in a variety of colors. You will get a battery that works well and also looks awesome. Choose among red, blue, green, black, silver and pink; any that suits your personality.
  • Protection: This device monitors your battery’s voltage. It turns off when the battery is discharged. This prevents the battery from getting damaged. You will know that the battery needs to be charged when the LED blinks 5 times. When a short is detected, the battery shuts down until the short is removed.
  • Lock: To lock or unlock the battery, press the button 5 times. When locked, the battery cannot power a cartomizer or atomizer. This lock/unlock mode prevents accidental battery discharge when not being used.

Extra tips for use

  • Running the atomizer/cartomizer with too much power and for long will burn them out. The same will happen if you drive them dry.
  • To get the device ready for use, screw the battery into the hole on the atomizer, then push the cartridge tank into the atomizer.
  • Charge the battery with any of the assorted USB chargers of your choice.
  • When LED is blue, the unit indicates constant voltage mode and orange shows variable voltage mode.


A puff lasts 4 seconds with an interval of 5 seconds between every puff.
What more would you want for your smoking experience, if you want a good smoking experience, you may not want to miss the services of this product.

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Visoner Spiner Kit Review

Vision Spinner KitVision 1300 MAH Spinner variable voltage battery is a very efficient one. It performs exceptionally well compared to other batteries of similar type. Apart from the performance, the look of the batteries is extremely attractive. The finish of the product is very smooth and it is very comfortable to handle. The spinner batteries has improved a great deal in the category of twist types of battery designs but at the same time, it has retained the simplicity of the twist batteries.

The Vision spinner kit battery includes adapter, charger, DCT, Drip tip, Standard cartomizer, custom drip and a cover case apart from the vision 1300 MAH battery. The vision battery design is superior to other twist designs because the voltage setting is clearly marked. You do not need a magnifying glass in order to see the voltage settings. The battery works for almost one to two days, once it has been fully charged. It is a far better performance than the other similar batteries which last for less than a day after a full charge. The time taken to charge the batter is also less compared to other similar batteries. The vision battery takes just a few hours to charge and it is ready to work for more than one and a half day. The battery has got a 3.3 v to 4.8 volt voltage adjustment dial and the vision battery works with 510 and EGO gear.

TOOIO Vision batteries have got rave review from its users. All its customers are satisfied with its performance and readily recommend it to other users. The battery produces a very clean vape as well as it tastes great. The users have found the battery to be long lasting. The strength of the vaping experience is extremely good with Vision batteries. Users also find the vaping strength to be quite powerful. The Vision batteries can adapt to various atomizers which is another advantage for the users.

If we compare the prices of the Vision Spinner Kit with other battery kits, we will find that the Vision battery kit is far cheaper compared to other battery kits. Though the price of Vision batteries is low but the performance is better than other similar batteries. It is an obvious choice for a customer to purchase it who wants to have a great vaping experience without worrying about charging or changing the battery too often.

When you will buy a new Vision vaping battery, you will need to charge it. For new users, there is a operating manual.

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